Monday, May 16, 2022

Yearbook Delivery

Yearbook Distribution

Coming back from a year of working remotely (with the exception of yearbook, students had to be here to be on the yearbook staff last year), many students struggled with adjusting to working at school and getting things done in a timely manner.  Sadly, we never met the deadlines given to us by our publisher to have the book created and delivered by the May 20 deadline.  Because the deadlines weren't met, the yearbooks won't be delivered until the end of July.  We will have yearbook distribution the 1st week of August.  We will post the actual days in which the yearbook can be picked up, and what to do, for seniors, if you have left for college before distribution.  It will be as simple as arranging ahead of time, who will pick up your yearbook for you.

On behalf of the yearbook staff, I apologize for not getting the yearbook completed in time for a spring distribution.  

The good news:  We have included PROM in the yearbook for the first time ever!  Our book still remains the largest book in DISD at a really reasonable cost.

Please check back here for exact dates and times for distribution.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Underclassmen Portraits 2022

 The portraits for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors are now up on our website.  On behalf of our yearbook staff, we apologize for the LONG delay.  Please understand that we are the only school in DISD to have the students create the portraits from the start.  The process included taking portraits, renaming, editing, retouching and placing the student on a common background for consistency.  The time it took to finally get them as best as possible took 3 times as long compared to years past.  Coming back from COVID really hindered the work ethic and diligence of our staff.  Again, we apologize.

To access the photo, please remember to use the password according to class of each student.  The password will remain the same throughout their high school years.  

i.e.   Senior class password:  classof2022  (see the panel to the left for more examples).

Each students photo is identified by the following code:


Example:  Doe_Jane-11a.jpg 

IF the student took two good but different photos, the only thing that would change is the letter.

Example:  Doe_Jane-11a.jpg (photo number one of Jane Doe)

                 Doe_Jane-11b.jpg (photo number two of Jane Doe)

If your photo isn't present, there are two possibilities:

1.  They didn't have their photo taken.

2.  There photo was out of focus.  If it was out of focus, the photo was coded with an "x", for example, Doe_John-11ax.jpg  We never put it up on the site because we don't put up blurry photos.  The good news is, because of the size of the photo in the yearbook, even if it was slightly out of focus, it was still usable and looked good in the book.  If the photo accidentally was place in smugmug, please look at the name on the photo to make sure it doesn't have an "x" after the grade and letter.  IF it does, don't purchase it!  Come and see me and I'll retake it!

Please email me at if you have any inquiries or you see any other errors!

All photos can be purchased as individual photos or as a package.  

We offer 2 Wildcat Packages for $25  for either package:

Wildcat Package - you receive 10 of your favorite photos in 3 different sizes:

4 - 4x6

4 - 5x7

2 - 8x10

Wildcat Package 2 - you receive a variety of copies of the portrait of your choice to keep and to give to friends and family (22 photos in total)

4 - 5x7

2 - 8x10

2 sets of 8 Wallet size prints