Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Crusader 2023 Distribution!!!!

 The Crusader 2023 Distribution!!!!

They are here!

Senior Distribution and Signing!

After graduation rehearsal on Friday, May 26th, in the New Gym!  (Approximately 12:30 pm)

Underclassmen Distribution and Signing!

After 4A Final Exam on Friday, May 26th from 2:00 - 2:30 pm in the NEW GYM!

If you haven't purchased a book, there is still time.  All purchases MUST be done online at the Woodrow Yearbook Store located to the left (sorry no checks or cash accepted).  

If you can’t make it in person and you wish to have someone else pick up your yearbook for you, YOU must send an email to ( with the person’s name and a sentence granting them permission to pick up yearbook, including your name, grade and ID. 


Juan Inamillion, Junior, ID 2154542

I give, Justin Bieber, permission to pick up my yearbook for me today, MAY 26th, 2023.

*make sure Justin has his ID with him (driver's license will do) or no book. ;)

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