Sunday, March 20, 2022

Senior Portraits and Senior Gown Photos are UP!

 Attention Class of 2022!

Your Senior Formal Portraits and Gown Photos are up on our website:

Click on the gallery marked for Seniors and type in the password: classof2022

Please find your photo and check to make sure your name is correct.  If you would like any changes to the photo (touch ups, or a retake), we will be available.  If your photo has an “x” after the letter “f” for formal or g for gown (e.g.  Formal photo: 12fx  or gown photo: 12gx), it means that we recommend a retake due to an irregularity in the photo.  If your photo is missing, we need to do a retake because of an irregularity.

Thursday, March 24th during 3rd period (11:50 - 1:15) & 5th period through 5:30 pm in Room 3009.  

Sign up is on a first come first serve basis.  Click on the following link to sign up:

Retake and First Take Sign Ups

These will be the only times for first takes, or retakes.  

If you see that your picture is not there or have any questions, please email our photography team at or come by Room 3009 to talk to Mr. Kelemen.  If you have several pictures up there (For example: Smith_Susie-12f-2 or Smith_Susie-12f-3) you can choose the one that will be in the yearbook. (Smith_Susie-12f-2).  Please send an email with your choice of photo.  If you don’t choose by March 27th,  we’ll choose for you!

All portraits can be purchased online if you like, either individual photos or a package.  Here is an example of a great deal on a package: