Friday, January 28, 2022

Yearbook Sales

Yearbook Sales

This is the time of year that we have to, as a yearbook staff, give our final numbers to the publishing company for book production.  This sets the number of books that will be ordered and published.  We usually order 600 yearbooks, based on the fact that by this time of year we have sold over 300 and by the end of the year, we sell out.  More books cannot be ordered. 

This year, at this point, we have sold just over 100 yearbooks, including those who purchased a senior ad with the yearbook included.  If we don't sell around 350 books by January 31, we will have to drop our order to 400 books.  

The yearbook costs $62.50 to produce, if we order 600 books.  

If we order only 400, the yearbook cost jumps to $87.  

At 500 books, the price is $72.50.   

I am hoping that people just haven't thought about it and we can have a big rush to order in the next few days and keep our order at 600 books.

If you are wanting to order a yearbook, please purchase one today at our online store.  Just click on the link below and purchase your yearbook!


Our theme this year is BETTER TOGETHER!

We will be shooting the cover photo today at the Boys Varsity Basketball Game!  Come and be part of the 2022 cover!  Here is a mock up of the cover concept!


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